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I was rather impressed overall with the debut of "American High." My favorite part was, of course, the apparent friendship between the "sensitive jock" football player and the "gay guy." They seem to genuinely like each other, having been childhood buddies and it reminded me of a friendship I had in high school with a football player I had come out to during my sophomore year, when we were in the same school play together. He was pretty cool about it and even told me to let him know if anyone bothered me about being gay, because he would kick their ass.

Carl used to be really shy and scrawny back in the day and after he had bulked up and joined the football, wrestling and track teams, I guess that gave him a lot of self-confidence and it made him a lot more willing to hang out with different people. I never saw him again after high school but I kind of miss his friendship, even though I had a crush on him for a while but realized that hitting on him could have possibly screwed things up. I'll never know now, but I wasn't willing to risk a friendship for that. Straight guys who are totally comfortable with themselves make the best friends sometimes, especially if you're slightly attracted to them but know that actually doing it would be a big mistake. It changes things.


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