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So Joe Kolbe (R-AZ) (that unrepentant flamer) addressed the Republican Convention. Big Fucking Deal. His 3-minute speech was Fucking Boring. Apparently being Fucking Boring is not a Special Right.

Planet Out: "The big moment came for Congress' only "out" Republican, and though there was no sex in his trade speech, some convention delegates protested in prayer."

Well, that's not completely true. He did say "fruit," "partners" and "a[head]." PERVERT!!! I too, shall pray for him and his predictably banal gray-suit-with-red-tie-ensemble.

Query: If homosexuality is "learned behavior," and inherently "unnatural," what does that make religion? I have yet to see any animal pray. Except for a praying mantis. They also eat their mates.

PlanetOut: "Gary Bauer, the anti-gay former Family Research Council head who had at the time just ended his own Presidential campaign, called it "bizarre to pick somebody to speak at the convention based on their sexual preference, because once you go down that road, why don't you pick a transvestite?"

Well, Bay Buchanan wasn't available. She and her brother were busy ripping apart a small ghetto child with their carefully filed teeth.

And Now, A Rebuttal:

(Cougar) i wanna hear..BOXERS....NUDE....MUSCLE.....MAN 2 MAN SEX....NOT POLOTICS....IF I WANTED SO....I'll GO TO CONGRESS!!!!!
(Cougar) strip IT BOYZ!!!!!!
(Cougar) and some music plz

(Nolo contendre)


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